I almost didn't include this in my portfolio, but I wouldn't have gotten this far without it. I've managed to sustain a YouTube channel for coming up on two years, without missing a single upload. The videos aren't about anything in particular, really. But it's a very welcome place for me to channel any creativity that's been bouncing around in my head that week, and acts as an everlasting outlet.

Youtube | Neal Chauhan

I started out making 60 second weekly recaps. Once I got a little more comfortable appearing on the other side of the lens, I upped production to 7 daily vlogs a week. From there, I tried travel videos, comedy, cooking videos, short story reading, ASMR (oof), business tutorials, short stories, documentaries, and a host of other topics. The content has never been the same, but I think that's important.

Ice Documentary YouTube | Neal Chauhan

While I'm aware that a stable and consistent subject matter is the formula for channel and subscriber growth, the thought of a "stable and consistent" life sounds incredibly boring, and the opposite of what I want right now. This is a space where I can upload anything I want, depending on what I'm feeling that particular week. The only thing consistent about any of this is that I've never missed a week.

And I don't plan to.

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