Toy Soldier Studios

Toy Soldier Studios is an augmentation that was bred out of Toy Soldier Marketing. The goal was to transition from a web and design company to a video production agency, specializing in storytelling through the creation of promotional customer-facing videos.

Done right, I think a captivating video engages viewers better than any other medium. Video commands attention, and attention provokes interest. I figure business owners have stories far more powerful than many of their customers are aware of, and that story should be made known to the world. Ideally by me.

Toy Soldier Studios Process | Neal Chauhan

Storytelling through the medium of video is the perfect combination of marketing, design, and videography, amalgamating everything I've done in the past to one single entity. Unfortunately due to the global pandemic that's quickly sweeping the nation, this project is on the backburner until people are allowed to leave their houses again. So it goes.

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