The Power of Healing

This is my mom's company, and something I'm quickly considering the family business. While I'll refrain from sharing her story (as she can do that better than I ever could), last thing I expected was my very own mother making the switch from accounting to business ownership, and quickly becoming the entrepreneur of the family.

Daxa Chauhan Speech | Neal Chauhan

She entered the world of meditation and mindfulness after an accident that took a toll on her health. After some time, she began teaching some of the lessons she picked up along her journey in health. She started cooking up a batch of natural home aromatics products alongside my dad (a lifelong engineer) as a side project, and eventually ramped up to a fully fledged product line with our help. 

This is truly a family business in every sense of the world. My mom thinks up the ideas, my dad executes and manages the logistics, and I handle the social media, branding, and design of every label that's ever been shipped out. My little brother does nothing. 

The Power of Healing Company | Neal Chauhan

If you told us we'd land a distribution contract to Whole Foods a few years ago, I hit you with a spritz of our room spray. We've just come out of a major rebrand, and are ramping up to take fulfillment and sale of our product line digital. My mom still teaches and practices her meditation and wellness services on a daily basis, and my dad still manages everything outside of that. They're a great team, and when this business one day gets passed down onto me, I hope I can do it justice.

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