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Sometime during the first two years of my college experience, I read a book called "The Millionaire Fastlane". Clickbait title aside, it's been one of the fundamental pieces of literature that's stuck with me as I've dug deeper into what kind of entrepreneur I wanted to be. One of the "commandments" of this book is founding a business that adheres to five main criteria. A need of your services, a barrier to entry, a control of your business, the possibility of scale, and time usage that isn't tied to you.

For quite possibly the first time in my life, I had built a business that satisfied every one of those needs. It was called Tech Under 10. People my age wanted a safe site to buy affordable tech from, nobody knew what dropshipping was at the time, I had total ownership of what I sold, it could scale tenfold, and I could make sales while I slept. The perfect storm, right?

Tech Under 10 Users | Neal Chauhan

What you see above you is the result of virality-inducing products, well placed "advertisements" on sites like reddit and imgur, and a healthy SEO presence. I started this site in college, and paid advertisements for low-margin products never made financial sense to me. So, I spent the next couple years learning how to disguise advertisements on social networking sites, and garner a huge boom in traffic when I did so. At that point, the site began to market itself.

Tech Under 10 was (and still is) one of my favourite business ventures. For a while, it managed to clear my initial $100/day goal, and pay off a healthy chunk of my college tuition. However, it wasn't without its flaws. While the site ran effectively on autopilot, it required constant advertising to keep it above its growing competition. As the dropshipping market began to heat up and I neared graduation, I had my sites set on something that gave me a little more creative freedom, and made me feel like a little less of a robot. I wanted to use more of the skills I picked up in marketing school.

When I first built this site, I used a modified WordPress theme of mine. Over time, it took up a huge load on my server, and I began looking for a team of developers to rebuild the site. $7,000, $9,000, $15,000 is what I was quoted. While it worked for my clients, it didn't work for me. So I looked adapted. 

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