Where do I begin? At the start, I guess.

Shopify is an Ecommerce platform that provides anyone with their own online store for $29 a month. I'm a newly minted Social Media Marketer here, and (at the time of writing) just cleared my two year anniversary. I was hired into the company exactly one month after graduating college. It was the only company I applied to after graduation, as I refused to try my hand anywhere else until I got my firm "no" from Shopify's recruiters. For whatever reason, I made it through the Google-esque hiring process, which felt more like a chat with an old friend than an interview at an A1 tech company.

I started out as a support guru, and became one of the first few individuals picked to offer white glove enterprise-level support to our highest value merchants, six months into the job. I'm a hard worker, and that gets noticed here. Once I got into the groove, I consistently ranked as one of the highest performers on my team. Sorry if that sounded like it was picked straight out of a resume. It was.

Shopify Cornell University | Neal Chauhan

While I was in support, I went out of my way to take on projects way outside the duties outlined on my job description. Every month I took a trip downtown and met my merchants in person as one of eight participants in our ShopClass Sessions event. I've given a handful of keynote presentations for the city of Toronto through work, and was one of four flown to Cornell University and Boston to represent the brand. This was my first ever "business trip", and it might be one of my favourite memories to date.

Neal Chauhan Shopify Keynote Presentation Toronto | Neal Chauhan

I was "stuck" as a Plus Specialist for far longer than I care to admit. I was dealing with gigantic clients helping them moving millions of dollars, but I wasn't happy. When I signed on at the company I wanted to do two things. Help small business owners grow and encouraging youth entrepreneurship. This job give me none of those things. But thankfully, I found something that did.

After nine months as a Social Media Manager for the company, I became a Growth Marketer. I've spent almost six months on the job at the time of writing, and it's everything I could've hoped it would be. I've been able to set my own schedule, create my own goals, and decompress with unlimited vacation- not that I've used any of it yet.

My job is to turn young people into entrepreneurs. Not a day goes by where I don't get chills thinking about that. It took two years of absolute burnout to get where I am today, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.



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